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  • How does JourneyHub work?
    JourneyHub connects your phone with Bluetooth beacons and your building’s elevator system, letting you call the lift from your phone and skip the queue. Your own, personal, touchless elevator call button.
  • Does JourneyHub track my location when I am not using it?
    No, JourneyHub does not track your location when you are not using the app. JourneyHub only uses your location when you call the lift to make sure you are in the building.
  • How do I report a problem with JourneyHub?
    Email your issue to or visit fill out our support contact form.
  • What does Journeyhub do with my private data?
    JourneyHub’s privacy policy is available to be viewed on our website at
  • Why does JourneyHub need my mobile number?
    Your phone number is used as a digital identifier to verify and connect your account to your device.
  • How do I connect to the building?
    After following the intructions in the JourneyHub invitation SMS, open the app when in the lift lobby of your building and it will automatically connect with your building’s elevator access control system.
  • What is the building ID used for?
    Each building with JourneyHub installed will have its own 6 digit ID code. This code must be entered into your JourneyHub app before gaining access to the public floors of the building (as they are protected by elevator access control).
  • How do I create an account?
    Create an account by following the instructions in the SMS invitation and by downloading the JourneyHub app.
  • My floor is not available to call?
    As JourneyHub uses the building's elevator floor access control system you will be given permission to access floors available to you. If you believe that you have been denied permission to a floor that you need, please contact your administrator to ask for permission to access the floor you need.
  • I called an elevator yet it did not arrive.
    The elevator can at times be ready very quickly, so make sure you are close enough to catch the lift if it is available right away. Also keep an eye out for which lift you need to board.
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